Zoofunktion: Neon Paint Tour at Belasco, DTLA

This past Saturday Zoofunktion threw down one of the most massive sets at Belasco Theater in DTLA, and boy did thing get very wet n' wild. The block was hot upon arrival at 8 pm. Masses of people dressed in all white attire consumed the sidewalks around the perimeter of the building and the establishments nearby. I could already tell we were in for quite the treat and that whoever wasn't there would have to deal with the heaviest form of F.O.M.O. ever!

 Saturday's event wasn't just an average club night, it was hands down the only party you should've been at. The Neon Paint Tour w/ Zoofunktion put on such an epic party, and Zoo' contributed by bring a few fun guests along. Can you guess who?

Belasco was completely packed from wall to wall, including the balcony, from 8:30 till 3 am. 

Let's fast forward to the wet n' wild part. A little before Zoofunktion's set the crowd was teased with splashes of paint here and there, but they had no idea that there would soon be a flood of paint that was about to consume them entirely. As soon as he went on the speakers & bass cabs were cranked up and masked men hit the stage with barrels full of paint. 

Zoo' was throwing down bangers after bangers and the crowd was turnt AF! My head damn near exploded with joy and excitement as it was almost too much for me to take in. I couldn't believe my eyes. Everyone there was fully concentrated on the music and vibes that were being put out. And then the paint showers commenced. Hoooly sh*t! Everyone in that building lost it. All inhibitions were gone, as were clothes for most party goers. 

Neon paint was shot everywhere and covered every last inch of that venue. It was absolutely insane. And if that wasn't enough to keep the party maxed out on energy, Zoo's guests hit the stage. Far East Movement came out to do their thing for "When The Funk Drops" and even hit the crowd to do a little surfin'. iE-Z got the crowd hyped while performing "Jungle Is Lit". Ribellu, all the way from Paris, got some bday stage presence in. Then all hell broke loose when Deorro ran through the back doors and rushed to the stage for the most epic tag team set. 

At this point there was no way anyone was leaving. Even if you had work in the morning at 6 am you weren't leaving. Actually you had no choice, nobody was about to budge so that you can pass thru and create a gap of space, creating an opportunity for another fan to get in front of their view.

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