FOMO, an acronym suggesting the Fear Of Missing Out on an outing with friends, a bday celebration, or perhaps in this case, Panda Funk's "Thank You" party.

 Last night's post tour party was one for the books to the handful of fans who acted fast at getting on the RSVP list that closed a little shy of an hour after announcement. If there was a party to attend, this was it. THIS WAS REALLY IT! Space was limited and the environment was intimate, not to mention that it was the perfect setting to bring the guys to their roots, backyard parties & seedy warehouses. It let them shine and show a part of their musical taste they don't always get to show when performing in front of thousands of fans in a sold out hall or venue.

Bacondo warmed the crowd up with an eclectic set of moombahton and trap. Garabatto came out the gates swinging with unsuspecting edits to the crowd faves. Then all hell broke loose as Deorro jumped on for a B2B set with Garabatto & Zoofunktion. There wasn't an ounce of musical genres that weren't played, they hit everything. This was the vibe: Moombahton, hip hop, cumbia, big room, and so on. We can go & on about how much fun we had saying thank you but we'll opt out & let your friend who happened to make it out swell the FOMO you might be having from not tagging along.

Last but not least, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR CONTINUING TO SUPPORT OUR JOURNEY, MUSIC, PASSION. You guys/ girls are everything, you are FAM!