Madhatter - Vibes

This week on Free The Pandas we have old time friend who we have released from before, Madhatter!. Brett Hopkin, better known as Madhatter!, from San Antonio, Texas has been crushing it this year. If you are from Texas you've most likely caught buzz of him at the local shows spinning or even at Insomniac's Middle Lands. He's been getting huge support from all his shows all across the U.S. even at LA's Spaceyacht. Madhatter! name simply resembles his unique, crazy, head bobbling, style in his music. There is so much he's got coming up, that you do not want to miss it!  @madhatter_musix 

Alongside with Madhatter! We have other Texas residents Steez. This dynamic duo has been killing it recently in the underground bass community, with releases on all sorts of channels. Each release they drop has people talking about how great their bass music is. We hope to only see more of them soon!  @stylewithease