Guys... and girls!! Electric Daisy Carnival is here! Well, kind sorta, you still have a couple of days till you hit the road to the motherland of Headliners. We're super excited and we want you to have a great experience while you're there. Here's a list of 10 essentials you should pack with you before heading out.

1. Portable Charger Pack: Your phone is the most important tool you'll need to get you through the weekend. You'll need it to capture memories, record your favorite sets, brag to friends on social media about all the fun you're experiencing, hailing an Uber, and keeping in touch w/ friends. Stay charged up!

2. Deodorant: I feel like we shouldn't have to tell you this, but it's still a serious problem at festivals. Nobody wants to stand behind you while you have your hands up high and you're smelling like death. Let's take 2 minutes to focus on our hygiene.

3. Kandy: It's a great way to spread posi-vibes and make new friends.

4. Airborne: With people coming from all over America & some from other parts of the world, you're going to come across more than a handful of new germs your body might not be able to hack. Airborne is a great way to keep you from missing out on all 3 days of the festival. Keep the Airborne at the hotel.

5. Cash: Cash is king! It makes the lines go faster and Vegas has a huge surcharge when pulling out money. Play it safe and take a good amount of cash 

6. Sun Block: Although the festival is at night, You're most likely going to encounter the Vegas strip & the sun that beats down on it. You will get burned fast & it will be hella annoying once you're getting bumped every 10 seconds amongst the EDC crowd. Protect yo'self!

7. Condoms: Speaking of protecting yourself, we all knows what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Let's keep it that way by wrapping your tool. Ladies, you can carry some of these, too. It takes two to tango. 

8. Fanny Pack: A great way to keep your cash and phone safe from getting lost or stolen. Also another spot to keep your phone chargers & excess Kandy.

9. Insomniac Canteen: For obvious reasons! It's going to be hot & you'll wanna be hydrated. And to be honest, we know damn well some of you will be under an influence, it happens, but STAY HYDRATED by buying an Insomniac Canteen as soon as you get in there.

10. List of Meet Up Spots: Don't get lost in the sauce. There is going to be thoooousands of headliners out and about which means it's going to be easy to lose friends or get lost in the crowd. Make a list of designated areas and times you and your friends can check in & get your head count up.

BONUS: You'll be in traffic for quite some time. Here's a 4.5 hr playlist to get you through and keep you pumped. Enjoy!