Do's & Dont's for Beyond Wonderland.

Even in a wonderland far far away there are rules that must be followed. Here's a few DOs and DONTs to follow to enhance your experience at Beyond Wonderland. Before heading out, you should make sure what your packing is allowed at the festival. Below is a list of reasons why.


  • Durable Shoes: It's about to be one of the best weekends ever! There will be lots of jumping & dancing. Don't lose your sole, bro

  • Backpack: A crucial way for you to have the best time at Beyond Wonderland is to wave your hands in the air. So that means take a small back pack to put all your stuff in so you can fist pump your life away to every artist.

  • Water Bottle: Let's be real here, we all know how crucial hydration is at festivals. Stay thirsty my friends!

  • Lip Balm: You might find love in a hopeless place, at night, where the cold can chap them lips. Get it right, get it tight, and store that lip balm for the night.

  • Hats: Keep those rays out your eyes


  • Outside Food: Don't be that guy/ girl getting stopped, holding up the line, because you're trying to smuggle in a foot long for you and a friend. Food inside is reasonably priced.

  • Balls: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh? Need we even say more? Leave your balls at home

  • Illegal Substances: Drugs are bad, kids.  

  • Eye Drops: Eye drops are available inside the general store

  • Meds: If you need any over the counter meds, they will be available in the general store and the first aid station

Click here for more information on what items are allowed at Beyond Wonderland and more information on this year's Beyond Wonderland!