Dirty Audio's 5 Travel Must-Haves!


We asked Dirty Audio what his top 5 must-haves are when traveling anywhere from city to city, to country to country. Below are his essentials.


1) MOPHIE - "I always stay charged up!"

2) Scooter Luggage - "I never miss flights now. I get to the gate hella' quick."

3) Caps - "Always wake up from naps with bed head and I cant go to a show                         with bead head."

4) ACS Ear Plugs - "To protect my hearing. It doesn't muffle, it just brings the                                       volume down."

5) Baby Wipes - "You never know when mother nature calls!"

Do you have any items in common with Dirty Audio? What do you take when you travel? Comment below and let Dirty Audio know!