Deorro Makes A Girl Cry On Stage

Dreams do come true, as they did for one lucky girl at last night's Beyond Wonderland Closing Party inside Exchange LA. The entire venue was packed from wall to wall, from the pit to the 2nd level. Deorro jumps on and the crowd goes crazy! Midway through his set he yells out to the crowd for someone to join him on stage. It was at that instant that a group of friends push a girl towards the stage to get his attention. Decked out with a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" crown, the girl catches his attention and gets pulled on stage.

Whoa! Not only is getting pulled on stage every girl's dream, but to top it off by having the opportunity to go behind the decks and filter out a song, pretending to be her favorite EDM producer, would make any girl faint or cry. Luckily she just cried tears of joy and it wasn't anything too dramatic. After her 5 minutes of fame as a faux EDM producer expired, she got to shoot a selfie and bask in tons of attention and compliments for the remainder of the show.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, fan girl. We hope that was the icing on the cake and the cherry on top.