Artist Spotlight: Asdek

This bass heavy, kick in your face, grimy synth dual has had our attention for a few months. Everything these guys have been putting out has nothing but pure heat to my poor computer speakers. 

Their 1st track that really caught our attention was “Alright” w/ Dustycloud. Into and build lead you to believe that you are in church atmosphere as if you were at a Tchami show. The the drop hits and your face just messes up as if you smelled something nasty but it was just a hit from the drop.

Now onto one of our favorite tracks from this dual. They have an EPIC remix to “Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey”.

the original track was a hit by itself, but the flip these guys put on was massive. And when them feels kick in with the dirty synth work, thats all thats needs to be said.

Yeah that right THEM FEELS, if you don’t know what i mean by that then you shouldn’t be allowed to listen to house music

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