On Friday night we teamed up with insomniac to take over LA's premier EDM night club, Create. The entry line never stopped and neither did the good times. Here's 3 things you missed out on if you didn't make it out. 

  1. Packed house full of Panda FAM: If there was anywhere in the world to be for panda vibes it was Create night club in Los Angeles. Wall to wall and bar to stage, there were PF tees, hats, and some D.I.Y. products. The love was heavily felt from every single one of the attendees.
  2. Riggi & Piros mosh pit: Jay Silva had the crowd warmed up. Zoofunktion took them to a new level. Riggi & Piros straight had the energy built up to the point of eruption. The entire crowd dispersed into a full blown whirlpool. Like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!! Yeah, it was gnarly but fun while it lasted before security tamed it. 
  3. Dirty Audio's confetti party: The fun continued on as Dirty Audio dropped a full range of bangers from his recent releases to hip hop heaters. The crowd went wild when there was blasts of CO2 and rainfalls of confetti. "It's a party, it's a party, it's a partyyyyy!"

View the photos here. CREATE NIGHT CLUB