Waiting On The Drop

It's Wednesday and we here at Panda Funk have a fun segment called "Waiting On The Drop, where we give you the scoop on upcoming tracks releases. Today's segment covers 2 really great tracks releasing Friday by the artists listed below.


Luca Testa & Kuka - Feel The Party

What you can expect: You know that epic part of the night where you look around & everyone has their hands up, with huge smiles, and everything is moving in slow-mo due to the epicness and timing of a song? It's just that. This track is perfectly made up of feel good vibes captured by keys & warped vocals, followed by the perfect drop.


Dan Domino & Dan X - Find My Home

What you can expect: Exactly what the title suggest, but on a grand & bassy scale, at the core of any main stage set. You hear that build up and you already know, it's - about - to - go - down.

Again, both tracks drop this Friday as part of our Free The Panda program. Click the link to indulge yourself with handfuls of free music while waiting for the drop.