iE-Z's Top 5 Travel Must-Haves!


Can you guess what a hip-hop artists' essentials are when traveling across the globe? Find out with iE-Z's Top 5 Travel Must-Haves!

1. Vitamins (Multi) GNC- "Constant traveling can be draining. Having vitamins gives you constant energy."

2. Sol Republic Headphones- "It's a comfort luxury for me when I'm on the road and I gotta zone out."

3. Hotspot Wifi Device- "Sometimes i get stuck in places without wifi. I couldn't cop those Yeezys because I didn't have a damn hotspot."

4. Sandals- "A must! Good for showers."

5. Bible- "Sometimes I need piece of mind!"

As you can tell, iE-Z takes care of himself spiritually and physically while traveling. We want you to suggest some items that you think iE-Z has to add to his list! Let him know in the comments!