iE-Z's Triumphant EP "Empire Dreamin"!


Panda Funk's first Hip-Hop artist, iE-Z, presents his dominant and ruthless EP "Empire Dreamin". The Inland Empire native was inspired by unforgettable moments in his life, turning those memories into his personal 4 track EP. iE-Z's method of using his gut feeling and the strength of memory alone to create his songs, showcase his skills as an unbeatable and free-style lyricist. 

"The message I am trying to convey thru my music is to stay real no matter what, hustle hard, separate the weak from the obsolete, fear none & most importantly keep dreaming!"


"Empire Dreamin" Tracklist:

1. This Time Around

2. Paper Route

3. Never Could Chill

4. I Am The Man

Available on iTunes, Spotify, and Beatport.